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Diane Ding, born into a family of artists, discovered her passion for painting at a tender age. In 1985, she graduated with honors from the prestigious Art Institute of Harbin in China. Following her studies, Ding served as the Head Art Designer for the Daily Cultural News in Changchun, China, from 1986 to 1992. During this time, she also showcased her talent as a cover illustrator for numerous books and magazines, while actively participating in various art exhibitions across China.

In 1993, Diane Ding embarked on a new chapter in her life, immigrating to the United States alongside her husband, artist Wanxin Zhang. During the same year, she established Sunny Art Studio, aiming to reignite her passion for art education and instruction. Meanwhile, Ding continued honing her skills in studio art, captivating audiences through her compelling works showcased in exhibitions across notable locations such as St. Petersburg, Florida; Seattle, Washington; Asheville, North Carolina; Palm Desert, and the San Francisco Bay Area, California. Her art has garnered a following of private collectors both domestically and internationally.

Currently, Diane Ding resides and works in San Francisco, where she continues to create and inspire through her artistic endeavors.

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