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Inspired by the butterfly effect, my art delves into the intricate web of interconnectivity that defines our existence. Through my work, I explore how small actions, choices, encounters, and events can ripple through time, leaving a lasting impact, unknown by the present. I am fascinated by personal relationships, the echoes of history, and the diversity of cultures. Each brushstroke serves as a visual metaphor, depicting the invisible forces that shape our collective narrative.

Yet, this concept also holds a deeply personal significance for me. In the chaos of our own lives, the choices we make, and families we experience life with, we often overlook the potential impact we have on the world around us. I find solace and inspiration in the belief that even the smallest acts of kindness, moments of self-reflection, or personal transformations can ignite a ripple effect that transcends our individual existence.

My art invites viewers to reflect on their place in the vast web of interdependence and embrace their potential to shape the world.

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